Accepted Papers/Publications

  • Optimal Financial Contracting and the Effects of Firm's Size PDF

    joint with Sandro Brusco, Giuseppe Lopomo and Eva Ropero, Forthcoming, The RAND Journal of Economics

Working Papers

  • Macro Shocks and Firm Dynamics with Oligopolistic Financial IntermediariesPDF

    job market paper

  • Machine Learning Projection Method for Macro-finance ModelsPDFCode

    joint with Vytautas Valaitis, CEF Grad Student Contest Winner 24th Conference (2018), Reject & Resubmit, Quantitative Economics

  • Capital and Labor Taxes with Costly State Contingency PDF

    joint with Alex Clymo and Andrea Lanteri

Work in progress

Pre Econ PhD Publication

  • A Lyapunov -stable, sensor-based model for real-time path-tracking among unknown obstacles, 2009 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and SystemsPDF

    joint with Antonio Sgorbissa, Andrea Vargiu and Renato Zaccaria